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System Overview

The ØKN Ecøsystem



The ØKN Ecøsystem may be visualized as a stack of interelated layers.

Blockchain Interoperability

Mina Protocol is used as a settlement layer for aggregated transactions and ZKProofs within the 0KNetwork. Ethereum hosts the $0KN ERC20 token. 0KN's application layer supports growing cross-chain interoperability with L1 smart contracts.

Øperating System

The zerOS hosts a secure execution environment for applications and system components.


Comprised of both hardware devices and remote servers, nodes receive rewards for working together to form Mix Networks and power the decentralized distributed nature of the system. Nodes serve as both providers and consumers of mix networks. Remote servers offer the network performant bandwidth and uptime. Local physical hardware provides advanced features and increased security to end-users. Physical hardware may be deployed in Zero Trust environments as part of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) and IoT products.

Hardware Nødes

  • in addition to server Nodes, hardware provides additional benefit to the network and humans using it
  • secures the space between humans and network with hardware-based cryptography, key storage, encryption, and more
  • enhances system decentralization and utility
  • suitable for Zero-Trust deployments

Mix Netwørks

As a Layer 0, decentralized Mix Networks form a metadata-private foundational base for applications and blockchains to use. A modular framework orchestrates a multitude of mix networks and their life cycles of revisions with various parameters, tiers, and applicable threat models for different application contexts.

Applicatiøn Chain

ZK-powered decentralized applications (ZK-dApps) within interoperable application-specific blockchains (zkAppChains) provide decentralized privacy at scale as a blockchain layer 2 solution. These applications operate within 0KN's substrate of metadata and transactional privacy to power 0KN decentralized protocols as well as provide end-user applications. 0KN's network incentive mechanisms are facilitated within this layer. Decentralized privacy applications may build within.

ZK-dApps operating within 0KN's Applicatiøn Chain to power the 0KN system include, but are not limited to:

Privacy Coin ~ $0KN-ZK

  • token with metadata and transactional privacy
  • by means of zk-proof-of-mix, only accepts transactions that have metadata privacy
  • establishes a perimeter of privacy and security for all transactions made with the coin
  • selective ZKProof of balance, proof of exchange, without revealing address

Token Bridge

  • bridges the $0KN ERC20 Token on Ethereum to/from $0KN-ZK; a ZK-powered Privacy Coin on its own native zkAppChain
  • provides a gateway in and out of the secured and private aspect of the 0 Knowledge Network

Token zkDEX

  • facilitates transparent (auto) and manual private exchange of $0KN-ZK into various sub-tokens (privacy coins)
  • provides high resolution of incentivized utility for specific components and/or apps while supporting viable tokenomics of the mother $0KN token


  • "The Zero DAO" for 0 Knowledge Network protocol governance
  • facilitates decentralized ZK-authorization of verifiable secured supply chain distribution including hardware node manufactures, firmwares, OS, and all software components including mix network modules and applications
  • decentralized orchestration of any system elements requiring or enhanced by human input for optimal guided evolution of the system within defined operating parameters

Architectural Overview

The following diagram illustrates the connectivity of $0KN ERC20 Token to its private counterpart, the $0KN Privacy Coin, within the 0KN Privacy Layer and zkAppChain powering decentralized mix-net access, operations, and rewards.

pan/zoom fullscreen diagram