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0 Knowledge Network

A Decentralized Privacy Network Substrate

0KN is a next generation decentralized privacy initiative that is capable of delivering a truly metadata-private internet layer to the world with capabilities not available in other existing systems. With a modular design, 0KN provides a decentralized incentivized substrate to empower a multitude of mix-nets and compatible applications with private interactions.

The network does not, and can not, know the nature of the data transmitting within it, thus the network is described as having "Zero Knowledge". Furthermore, Zero-Knowledge technologies are used for 1) privacy-preserving access and interactions within the network's decentralization and reward mechanisms, 2) effective means of scaling transactions, and 3) increased number of full nodes to enhance decentralization and health of the system.


  • Decentralized
  • Modular Privacy Networks
  • Chain Agnosticism
  • Native Metadata Privacy
  • Free & Paid Network Access
  • Custom Metadata Private Wallet & Browser
  • Hardware; OS; Secured Supply Chain
  • DePIN / IoT Facilitations
  • ZK Applications Powered by Mina Protocol

Privacy Network Evolution

The 0 Knowledge Network is designed to evolve as a living system to sustain relevance within an ever-changing atmosphere of new security threats and technological capabilities. To support effective upgrading of secured communication infrastructure for both human and machine, 0KN facilitates sustained operations and usage of mix-nets to continually push their edges. 0KN supports an ecosystem of modular mix network and privacy technologies to increase their:

  • access, adoption, and usability
  • overall system health and life-cycle
  • commodification and monetization
  • utility within existing and emergent fields of technology
  • decentralization by incentivized participation with private transactions
  • developments, including rapid-response to an ever-evolving climate of threats and enabling technologies

Design Principals

  • Decentralization is our future.
  • Privacy is essential for security within a digital society.
  • Networks provide connective infrastructure for humans and machines and must be secure to be viable.
  • Data Agnosticism is the key to trustless data transmission with "Zero Knowledge".
  • Chain Agnosticism is the key to broad relevance across decentralized ecosystems.