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DAODecentralized Autonomous Organization
dAppDecentralized Application; an application built on a decentralized network that combines a smart contract and a frontend user interface
DePINDecentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks; blockchain networks that use tokens to incentivise communities to build physical infrastructure networks
DEXDecentralized Exchange
Layer 0A network framework running beneath a blockchain forming the foundation of a blockchain ecosystem
Layer 1An underlying protocol providing a foundation for a blockchain; Examples: Bitcoin & Ethereum
Layer 2A scaling solution enabling high throughput of transactions while inheriting the security of the underlying blockchain it is built (or settled) on
mAppMix-net compatible application
Merkle ProofA compact way to prove that a specific piece of information is part of a larger collection, ensuring its reliability without revealing all the details
Merkle TreeA hash-based data structure used for efficient data verification in distributed systems, secret sharing, and ZKPs involving the partial reveal of a commited value
mix-netMix Network; a traffic analysis resistant communications protocol
PIIPersonally-Identifying Information
Smart ContractA decentralized computer program running on a blockchain network that automatically and deterministically executes agreements based on predefined conditions
UUIDUniversally Unique Identifier
validiumA blockchain scaling solution that enforces integrity of transactions using validity proofs like ZK-rollups, but doesn’t store transaction data on-chain
ZKZero-Knowledge; a cryptographic utility enabling a party to prove to another that they possess certain knowledge without revealing the actual information itself
zkAppZK Application (ZK-dApp); a decentralized application (dApp) using ZK for privacy and security
zkAppChainInteroperable application-specific blockchain(s) using ZK for privacy, security, and scale
ZKPZero-Knowledge Proof